About MacuLearn

Professors John Nolan and James Stringham have dedicated their careers for a combined total of over 40 years of research on the impact of nutrition on visual performance and ocular health. A powerful body of research has accumulated over this time, demonstrating a positive impact on quality of life for patients of all ages. As research scientists, Professors Nolan and Stringham recognize that the true impact of their work is not realized until those on the front lines, caring for and educating patients have implemented an ocular nutrition strategy into their practices. The Professors feel that nutrition is an underutilized tool. There is a great opportunity to improve upon patients’ vision outcomes by helping to share what has been learned through research with those responsible for primary eye care. “I’ve seen it really help patients” Professor Nolan states, regarding targeted ocular nutrition, “and that’s why we’re delighted that a training school as prestigious as Salus has embraced this program designed to educate both doctors and staff members alike.”