Add Contrast Sensitivity Testing to your Exam Protocol – Why and How

1 Hour CE Credit


This course will provide an overview of Contrast Sensitivity (CS) and stress its close relationship to visual performance. Proper testing procedures for measuring and monitoring letter CS thresholds in primary eye care will be presented along with guidelines for action based on the results. The link between CS and ocular nutrition will be highlighted based on the latest scientific research. Case studies will illustrate the proper use of CS testing and targeted nutritional counseling to optimize vision in patients with 20/20 VA and no ocular disease, as well as in those with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

How to earn CE credit provided by the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland of the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland in partnership with Salus University, College of Optometry, USA:

  1. Care about the information available relating to nutrition of the eye
  2. Watch the 50-minute online video by Professor Mark Roark
  3. Answer 11 multiple choice questions correctly (from 15 questions presented online) to get certified

Please note also:

  • You will need to complete this course and subsequent exam to receive CE Credit within 28 days
  • Once you watch the video the test will commence
  • The questions are directly connected to the content of the video