Macular Nutrition for Visual Function and AMD

1 Hour CE Credit


A focus on the optimization of retinal health and visual performance with the macular carotenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin.  An emphasis will be placed on data from peer-reviewed studies and actual cases that thoroughly illustrate how macular carotenoid supplementation can improve real-world visual performance and enhance vision, over and above standard refraction.  Additionally, insight gained from patient testing will be provided to give ECPs an idea of what to expect after incorporating a macular carotenoid supplementation regimen in their practice

How to earn CE credit provided by the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland of the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland in partnership with Salus University, College of Optometry, USA:

  1. Care about the information available relating to nutrition of the eye
  2. Watch the 50-minute online video by Professors John Nolan and Jim Stringham
  3. Answer 11 multiple choice questions correctly (from 15 questions presented online) to get certified

Please note also:

  • You will need to complete this course and subsequent exam to receive CE Credit within 28 days
  • Once you watch the video the test will commence
  • The questions are directly connected to the content of the video