MacuLearn Announces Partnership with Pacific University College of Optometry

MacuLearn, an online learning resource for eye care practitioners, has announced its partnership with Pacific University College of Optometry.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership,” says Professor Nolan. “We have seen that Pacific University in particular, has embraced the value of educating students and future health care professionals about the benefits nutrition can bring to patients across medical disciplines. The University is very much on the forefront in this way, and, aligned with the values of MacuLearn.”

MacuLearn, which launched in March of 2020, was created by a pair of researchers who’ve earned global recognition for their work in the field of nutrition, Professor John Nolan, of Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, Waterford Institute of Technology and Dr. James Stringham, Visual Performance Laboratory, Duke University Medical School.

The two, in addition to their own academic standing with respect to nutrition and vision science, have chosen to partner with optometry universities to ensure the integrity and specificity of the MacuLearn education. MacuLearn provides educational courses that are delivered by those that have conducted the research, made the scientific discoveries and developed the protocols that are now becoming the standards of care in optometry and ophthalmology.

“Equally important as the integrity and quality of the courses, is their accessibility,” Professor Nolan states. This rings true now more than ever with the impact the current pandemic has had on travel and gatherings. “Being able to safely stay up to date on the latest scientific developments is of utmost importance, both in order to maintain licensure and, also to ensure the best outcomes for patients.”

The MacuLearn educational platform has courses dedicated to the Optometrist, and also to key office staff, who are integral in delivering patient care. The course selection for both doctors and staff will continue to expand with the latest information on ocular nutrition, as well as in emerging areas of interest such as contrast sensitivity and sports vision.

Brian Nolan